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Model GL6500S
  • Liquid cooled Kubota 2 cylinder diesel engines ensure long life, reliability, and low cost operation.
  • Sound attenuated, weather resistant enclosure with super quiet muffler for quiet operation in all conditions.
  • Auto-idle automatically reduces engine speed to reduce fuel consumption and engine noise during no load periods.
  • 120/240 volt full power switch provides full rated power at 120 volts or shared power from 120 and 240 volt receptacles.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters protect the operator from shock due to faulty cord sets and tools.
  • Automatic safety shutdowns for high coolant temperature and low oil pressure.
  • Single side servicing for ease of maintenance. Automatic air bleed fuel system.
  • Large fuel tank provides longer hours of continuous operation.
  • Circuit breakers protect the generator from overload.
  • Two wheel kits for added mobility.
  • Center lifting eye for maneuverability and lifting.

  • Advanced Technology


    Pocket-Pleasing Economy

    Reliability has been built in every step along the way from design through manufacturing. For example, all main parts subject to stress and wear, such as the crankcase and the crankshaft, have been strengthened and made more rigid. Further, as the Kubota horizontal diesel engine is water-cooled, its superb cooling characteristics eliminate overheating even when surrounding temperatures are high or when the "Lowboy" is operating under a heavy load. Another feature is the long-life cog-belt by which the engine drives the generator. These are just a few of the factors that makes possible a longer, more reliable engine life with minimal maintenance costs and pocket-pleasing economical operation.


    Internal Engine Vibration Reduction

    The Kubota horizontal water-cooled diesel engine is fitted with a high-performance governor that promptly responds to load fluctuations to bring about stable operation.


    Large-Capacity Fuel Tank

    Coupled with the superb fuel efficiency of the Kubota horizontal water-cooled diesel engines that are known world wide for durability and reliability, the large-capacity fuel tank makes possible longer hours of continuous operation.


    Low Noise and Vibration

    At Kubota, full attention is paid to achieve the highest levels of precision and balance to suppress vibration and to ensure that the engine operates smoothly. Noise in the "Lowboy Silent Series" has been reduced by the installation of a large-capacity muffler. In addition, steps have been taken to further bring both vibration and noise down to the absolute minimum by installing a specially developed insulating liner on the inside of the enclosure that is both vibration-damping and noise-absorbing.

    Model GL5500S GL6500S
    Type Rotating field single-phase AC generator
    Frequency (Hz) 60
    Maximum Output (kW) 5.5 6.5
    Rated Output (kW) 5 6
    Rated Voltage (V) 120/240 Dual Voltage
    Rated Current 41.67 / 20.83 50.00 / 25.00
    Number of Poles 2
    Power Factor (%) 100
    Type Kubota horizontal liquid-cooled 4 cycle diesel engine
    Model ZB500-GL-S ZB600-GL-S
    Rated Output (HP/rpm) 10 / 3000 12 / 3000
    Displacement [cu in (cc)] 31.00 (508) 34.78 (570)
    Number of Cylinders 2
    Fuel Tank Capacity [Gal (Liter)] 5.02 (19)
    Engine Oil Capacity [Gal (Liter)] 3.17 (3.0)
    Cooling System Pressurized radiator, forced circulation with water pump
    Starting System Battery assisted electric starter
    Noise Level (dBa) Approx. 67 Approx. 68
    Emergency Stop Mechanism In case of abnormal oil pressure or water temperature
    Model GL5500S GL6500S
    Pilot Lamp Standard
    AC Voltmeter Standard
    Fuel Guage Standard
    Key Switch Standard
    Glow Lamp Standard
    Monitor Lamps - Oil Pressure, Battery Charge, and Water Temperature Standard
    Idle Controller Standard
    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Standard
    Circuit Breaker Standard
    Full Power Switch Standard
    Automatic Voltage Regulator Standard
    AC Repectacles Standard
    Dry Battery Standard
    Center Hook Standard
    Hour meter, control panel cover and lock, side door lock, 2-wheel kit, remote-control unit, thermostat kit* Optional
    *Injury can occur: Do not connect generator to an electrical system unless an isolation switch has been installed, otherwise injury can occur.
    *The company reserves the right to change specifications without notice to incorporate technological advances and engineering modifications.
    *Thermostat kit is required for operation below -10 degrees Celsius.

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